EC Documents

The following documents are currently available. Click on the links to download.

Executive Orders:

EO-SY2006-1.doc — Executive Order, Establishing an Operating Vice President (OVP) for the Area of Professional Development Materials
EO-SY2007-1.doc — Executive Order, Establishing an Operating Vice President (OVP) of Publications
Executive Order Upgrading the Member Status of James H. Wiggins, former International System Safety Society President, to Emeritus.
Executive Order Establishing Special Committee Chair for Society Conference Planning Guide Committee
Executive Order Upgrading the Member Status of Ira J. Rimson to Emeritus
Executive Order Appointing an Operating Vice President (OVP) of History under the Director of Publicity and Media

Past EC Presentations


EC Documents

2017 EC Minutes.docx
2016 EC Minutes.docx
Proxy Form for Voting at the ISSS Executive Meeting
2015 EC Minutes.docx
2014 EC Minutes.docx
2013 EC Minutes.docx
2012 EC Minutes.doc
2010 EC Minutes.pdf
2006 EC Minutes.pdf
EC minutes18issc.doc
2005 EC_Meeting_Minutes_81699.doc
2005 EC_Special_Meeting_8_1_99.doc
Position Descriptions for Slate of Candidates.pdf
SSS EC Minutes 9_9_01.doc

The Operations Manual

ISSS Operations Manual 2017.docx
App A-SSS Articles of Incorp.doc
App B-SSS Constitution.doc
App D.10-Renew Subscription for HP (for Subscribers).doc
App D.11-Chapter Reimbursement Request Form.doc
App D.12-Chapter Annual Financial Statement.xls
App D.13-Travel Authorization Form.doc
App D.14-Travel Expense Form.doc
App D.15-SSS Trip Report Format.doc
App D.16-Format for Executive Council's correspondence.doc
App D.17-Publicationsfor Purchase.doc
App D.18-System Safety Analysis Handbook Order Form.doc
App D.19-Expense Report for Mileage Only Reimbursement.doc
App D.4-Application for the Honor of Emeritus.doc
App D.5-Sustaining Membership Application.doc
App D.5-Sustaining Membership Information and Application.pdf
App D.6-Individual Membership Annual Dues Renewal.doc
App D.6.1-2001Dues Letter.doc
App D.6.2-2000 Member Dues.doc
App D.7-Membership Dues Reminder.doc
App D.8-Sustaining Member Dues Notice.doc
App D.9a-New Member Welcome (when Form D.2 completed).DOC
App D.9b-New Member Welcome (when Form D.2completed).doc
App F-Previous SSS Officers and Directors.doc
App G-Procedures for Conduct of SSS EC Meetings by E-Mail.doc
App H-SSS Chapter Management Guide (TC Only).doc
App% I-1-Bay Area CCB.doc
App I-10-Puget Sound CCB.doc
App I-11-Sacramento Valley CCB.doc
App I-12-Tennessee Vallye CCB.doc
App I-13-Washington D.C. CCB.doc
App I-2-Boston CCB.doc
App I-3-Central California CCB.doc
App I-4-Florida CCB.doc
App I-5-Los Alamos CCB.doc
App I-6-New Mexico CCB.doc
App I-7-North Texas CCB.doc
App I-8-Northwest CCB
App I-9-Ohio CCB.doc
App J-SSS Chapter Boundries.doc
App L-Prel. Conference Planning Materials.doc
App M-Travel Policy, Authorization and Expense Forms.doc
App P-Current SSS Executive Orders.doc
App Q-Society Background Info.doc
App R-SS Analysis Handbook Intro.doc
App S.1-Award Letter Chapter Presidents.doc
App S.10-Award SSS President Notify to Awardee's Employer.doc
App S.11-Award Board Thanks.doc
App S.12-Award Plaque Instructions.doc
App S.13-Award Script.doc
App S.14-Previous SSS Award Recipients.doc
App S.2-Award Criteria & Nomination Process.doc
App S.3-Award Nominator Thanks Letter.doc
App S.4-Award Ballot Cover let.doc
App S.5-Award Ballot.doc
App S.5-Ballot.doc
App S.6-Award Instructions toAward Board.doc
App S.7-Award Board Notifies SSS President.doc
App S.8-Awardee Notify Letter.doc
App S.9-Nominator Notify Ltr.doc
Signed Australian Chapter Charter SY11.pdf
Signed Bay Area Chapter Charter SY97.PDF
Signed Canada Chapter Charter SY11.pdf
Signed Central California Chapter Charter SY83.PDF
Signed Georgia Chapter Charter SY02.PDF
Signed Georgia Chapter Charter SY01.PDF
Signed Saguaro Chapter Charter SY11.pdf
Signed Virtual Chapter Charter SY11.pdf